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Why Choose Us
1.Professional Cosmetics Purification Production workshop
2.Strong R&D Team, Independent Laboratory
3. The most professional design team,Responsible for product packaging design.
4.More than 10 years of production experience. Guangzhou Charm For You Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. With the international advanced technology and strong strength, leading the trend of the make-up industry, formed a market research, product development, professional production, logistics and distribution, marketing services one-stop all-round market service system. We uphold the purpose of the supremacy of products to accurate and unique vision and keen market sense of smell, and constantly improve the plant's research and development and production capacity to ensure that the research and development of the make-up products in the market occupies a place. Market-oriented to consumer as the core, as one focus on the quality of makeup products and to ensure that the product inventory and delivery period, and now business in dozens of countries, already have a considerable scale of the platform sales and stable customer base in the future also Will be millions of customers around the world to provide high quality and comprehensive quality services, hope to a high of professional strength to win the trust of our customers.

The company's brand VERONNI has developed a variety of cosmetics products, lip gloss, eye shadow, eyebrow cream, eyebrow pencil, double-head capacity mascara series of makeup products, with professional, high-quality marketing team, the whole guide the service market, The establishment of a wide range of interests of the community, with a strong media communication, the full dissemination and promotion of high-grade brand connotation.

Brand Concept:
Guangzhou Charm for you Biotechnology Co., Ltd.has always uphold pure plants, no added, return to the natural brand concept,
Cosmetics for lover, love beauty, found beauty, create beauty, spread beauty, for every woman to bring beauty.
Brand goal:
1. To provide quality supply for tens of thousands of small and medium-sized trading companies.
2. For the global make-up brand to provide professional R & D design production and marketing a full range of services

Cultural concept: advancing with the times, the courage to innovate, the pursuit of excellence
Corporate values:
Customer first, Teamwork, Embrace changes, Integrity, Passion, Excitement.
Quality, efficiency, professional, altruistic
Quality is the cornerstone of enterprises to establish the brand, the brand represents the product quality and service quality. Reflect the corporate reputation, reputation and customer loyalty to the corporate brand, in the process of achieving corporate strategic objectives, VERONNI to cast boutique, image shaping, cast an international brand.

Customer first, Second employee, Third shareholder,